The rules of the game are changing. The time has comefor brands to share success with their customers.

Introducing >

The opportunity to invest in Muroexe.

Over the past few years, many of you have asked us how to get involved with the brand. That moment has arrived. You can continue wearing us But now you can also become a part of our history.

A part of Muroexe will be yours. 

For those people who have been with the brand from the beginning. For those who continueto recommend us. For those who already have "I can't ever remember how many" pairs. Forthose who live the brand, as if it were a part of you. Even for those who haven’t worn us yet,but keep an eye on everything we do. 

Why this opportunity? 

We have just closed a capital increase of 1 million euros with recognized national andinternational investors, and we have reserved up to an additional € 200,000 for our clientsand friends.

From between 60 € to € 50,000 €: you can invest asmuch as you like. Until June 16th.

For what? 

We have four clear business objectives: 

- Consolidate Spain and strengthen Europe. 

- Launch the brand in the United States.

 - Launch more than 30 new footwear and fashion products.

- Open 3-5 new official stores. 

With who?

In this round of financing we have already closed 1 million euros of investment with JMEVenture Capital and a set of 10 other recognized national and international investors. Our customers and friends of the brand can join them in this adventure. 

For who? 

For everyone! It is not necessary to have previously invested, or have experience in investmenting. It is increasingly common in the United States and the United Kingdom for customers to own a part of their favorite brands: it is an easy, simple and transparent process.

This is us. Discover more about Muroexe. 

Main milestones. 

  • We were born in 2014, and in 2018 we had a turnover of 3.1 million euros.
  • Annual growth of + 35%.  
  • More than 200,000 pairs sold in 50 countries. 
  • More than 60% of the bill comes from our ecommerce.
  • Opening of a subsidiary in the United States in January 2019.

According to The Financial Times, we are among the 200 fastest growing European brands in the past few years.

Exclusive rewards for our future clients-investors. 

We have prepared some exclusive rewards according your contribution. 

Keep in mind that each section also adds the incentives of the previous ones.

  • From 60 euros > ... and receive a semi-annual report + Design an exclusive product for members. 
  • From 120 euros > ... and receive a backpack (to choose for you). 
  • From 500 euros > ... and receive some slippers (to choose for you). 
  • From 1,000 euros > ... and receive 100 Euros per year for two years to buy at Muroexe. 
  • From 3,000 euros > ... and receive 300 Euros per year for two years to buy at Muroexe.
  • More than 10,000 euros > ... and receive 500 euros per year for two years to buy at Muroexe + We bring you to meet us at our office :)

How will we do it? Crowdcube + Muroexe. 

We are launching this pioneering initiative in Spain with Crowdcube, the most important fintech company in Europe in the organization of consumer-oriented financing rounds. 

They have already funded more than 800 companies, and they have channeled more than 500 million euros to date.


The equity crowdfunding format. 

What is equity crowdfunding? 

By making an invasesent through an equity crowdfunding platform such as Crowdcube, youare buying shares of Muroexe with prospects that the value of the company will increaseover time. If all goes well, you can do an "exit" (that is, sell your shares) to a higher valuationthan you had when you invested, so that not only do you recover your investment, but youalso get benefits.

I’ve never heard of equity crowdfunding, is it a regularformula? 

Equity crowdfunding is a relatively recent form of investment, but it has already becomewidespread in markets such as the United States and the United Kingdom. It was created sothat people who would like to invest in start-ups but are not professional investors can find aregulated channel to do so. Increasingly, consumer brands that have a very customer-centricphilosophy use this financing formula so that the customers of the companies can supporttheir growth and participate in the company's future successes. 

Many companies do not use it yet for fear of sharing data with their clients or because theythink that customers will not understand it: we, on the other hand, believe that not only is thepossibility of having clients as investors a fantastic opportunity to allow people who supportthe project to share in a portion of the company’s success, but that it is also extremelyenriching for the companies themselves.

What exactly is the investment process? 

By investing through Crowdcube, you will become a shareholder of Muroexe. Thepercentage share you acquire will depend on the amount you invest. Once your investmentis processed, you will receive a certificate of participation and you will appear as a Muroexepartner. 

These are long-term investments that help companies grow more than they would if theywere financed through traditional channels. All investments are processed through theCrowdcube nominee, which is the legal representation of investors. Individual investors holdthe economic and political rights over their shares, although the latter will be exercised bythe nominee on behalf of all investors. Using a figure like the nominee allows us to continuemanaging the company effectively and as we have done to date, without incorporatingthousands of new partners, if not a new partner that represents everyone. You can see allthe details in this guide.

What is the difference between investing in a companyvia equity crowdfunding and investing in the stockmarket? 

Anyone who has ever invested in a stock market already knows what it is to invest. In thiscase, the operation is practically the same. The only difference between investing in thestock market and in a company through equity crowdfunding is, with the the stock market, itis invested in companies that are quoted in a market and shareholders can sell and buyshares on a daily basis. When you invest in an unlisted company you cannot sell yourinterest until the company has a corporate transaction (total or partial sale of the same). 

Equity crowdfunding platforms are markets that serve to invest in private companiestransparently and without the need to have a large estate. The main difference withinvestments in the stock market is that they are companies in earlier stages (and with moregrowth potential) and that it is still not possible to sell the shares to another person in asecondary market (although Crowdcube has already publicly announced who are working onit).

Have there been success stories of companies fundedby customers through Crowdcube? 

Here, we will explain some examples of companies financed through Crowdcubethat have already offered a return to their investors.

The case of Zank and Fintonic

The Zank consumer loan marketplace, based in Barcelona, obtained 750,000 eurosfrom 255 investors through Crowdcube thanks to two rounds of equity crowdfunding(in 2015 and 2017). In 2018, the Fintonic financial management platform entered thecompany's shareholding and acquired the shares of more than 250 of its investors ata higher price, thus offering a positive return to all its investors.

Repurchase of shares of Revolut

In July 2016, just one year after its founding, the British neo-bank Revolut opened acapital increase in Crowdcube in which it obtained more than 1 million euros from433 investors, at the same time that the capital firms risk Balderton Capital and IndexVentures also invested 9 million euros in the company. In April 2018, Revolutreceived a new investment of 250 million dollars from DST Global, at a valuation of1,700 million dollars, with which the neobank reached the status of unicorn. After thattransaction, Revolut offered all its investors the possibility of selling their shares toDST Global and multiplying their initial investment by 19, in less than two years. 

The case of Camden Town Brewery and AB InBev. 

In April 2015, the Camden Town Brewery obtained €3.2M through Crowdcubethanks to the support of more than 2,000 investors. At the end of that same year,having existed for just over five years, the company announced its acquisition by theworld's largest brewing company, AB InBev. The transaction, formalized in 2016 forsome 100 million euros, reported a positive return to all Camden Town investors.

Mettrr Technologies and the secondary market

Mettrr Technologies, dedicated to the construction of web pages through the use ofartificial intelligence, was one of the first success stories of Crowdcube, closing afinancing round of 100,000 euros in March 2012. In 2017, Mettrr became the firstcompany to offer liquidity to its investors through a secondary market in Crowdcube.In this operation, investors were able to sell their shares and multiply their initialinvestment by 9 after the entry of several angel investors into the company. 

Allbirds: the unicorn of the sneakers. 

Beyond equity crowdfunding, there are also outstanding success stories ofcompanies similar to Muroexe. The US footwear company Allbirds, for example,acquired in 2018 the status of unicorn-reserved for companies valued at more than1,000 million dollars-in its latest capital increase of 50 million dollars, made at avaluation of $1,400M, more than triple what it was worth in 2017. Bearing in mindthat, at the beginning of 2016, the value of the company was estimated at just over$7M, we can get an idea of the revaluation of the investments of those who investedin the company in its initial phases of growth.

Practical issues to understand before investing. 

Who can invest? 

Anyone. It is not necessary to have invested before. To invest in Muroexe you need to beover 18 years old, as well as be a resident in Europe. Another important point is that sharedinvestments cannot be made, so make sure you create your Crowdcube account with yourown name, your email address and your current home address. 

Once I decide to invest, what is the disbursementprocess? 

From May 16, you can complete the investment registration and decide the amount. Oncethe financing round ends (which will last approximately one month), we begin the closingprocess. At that point, all investors will receive an email with the legal summary of theinvestment in Muroexe and you will have 7 days to review the documentation. During thisperiod, you can also give up your investment. Once the 7 days have passed, the paymentswill be processed and the participation certificates will be issued.

How can I get benefits from my investment? 

The most common way to obtain liquidity from your investment is through the future sale ofyour shares for a value greater than the one you paid for them. On the other hand, we couldalso start paying dividends for the annual benefits generated. It is likely that you can sellyour shares if in the future Muroexe goes public, if we are bought by a larger company or ifwe ourselves decide to buy back the investors' shares.

How long do I have to decide? 

The possibility of investing will be open only for one month: from May 16 to June 16, 2019. Ifwe extend, we will let the interested persons know so that they can count on it.

What risks do you take when investing in companies?

The same as investing in the Stock Exchange: that in the future the company is worthnothing or worth less than it is worth today. Investing in startups and companies alwaysinvolves a risk: that you may not recover the money invested because the company breaksor its value decreases to nothing, or that you recover the investment but you do not getcapital gains. Apart from this point there are no more risks (neither personal, nor legal, noreconomic) for you when you make an investment in a company. 

What do I get in exchange for investing? 

You will become part of the Muroexe family and you will obtain shares of the companyproportional to the amount invested. In addition, in Muroexe we have launched a system ofrewards for investors based on the amount invested, which will allow you to obtainimprovements to buy products and/or become more involved in Muroexe projects. 

How much money can I invest? 

From 60 euros to 50,000. It will be money that we will use in Muroexe to help us grow, andyou will not be able to recover it in the short term (investments in companies are mediumand long term projects), so it must be a contribution of money you are comfortable with, andthat you will not need immediately in your day-to-day. 

Can I invest directly in Muroexe without usingCrowdcube?

This option will be enabled only for investments over 50,000 euros. The investors of thisamount will be incorporated as direct partners of Muroexe. 

Can I see additional information about the company? 

Yes. Once you sign up, you can download additional documentation from our Crowdcubepage to receive more specific business metrics and data, as well as our future "secret plans"and more specific investment destinations. In addition, investors who plan to contribute3,000 euros or more may request a summarized version of the Business Plan for investors inthe next two years from, and investors who want to contribute from10,000 euros in Forward, you can ask us at for the extendedversion of the Business Plan. 

What is the company's value now? 

The current valuation of the company, on the basis of which this capital increase isarticulated, is 9 million euros, which means that invoicing at the close of 2018 (3.1 millioneuros) is valued x3 times. It is the same valuation to which our current shareholders and newprofessional investors have already contributed 1 million euros during the month of April2019. 

Who are your current investors and what percentage dothey have of the company?

In our current investment chart, Roberto Heredia and Esme M. Cardenal, founders andCEOs of the brand, jointly represent approximately 50% of the company. The remaining 50%is distributed among a large national venture capital fund closely linked to the world oftechnology and entrepreneurship, as well as first-class personal, national and internationalpartners linked to the world of business, finance and investment. We are very proud of ourshareholders, as they are people who believe in the project and trust the management teamto take it to the next level. From now on, we hope we can also count on you. 

Can I see with examples what a possible return on myinvestment would be like?

Return via sale of the company works exactly the same way as investing in the stockmarket. From the current valuation of the company, the surplus value on thevaluation of the company is calculated the day it is sold. 

Based on the assessment of Muroexe in a few years, some examples include: 

If Muroexe was worth 0, each investor would lose the investment they hadinvested.

If Muroexe was worth the same as today, each investor would get the sameamount that they had invested.

If Muroexe was worth 20 million euros, approximately each investor would multiplytheir investment by 2. (If you invest €100 you would get €200, if you invest €5,000,you would get €10,000).

If Muroexe were worth 50 million euros, approximately each investor would multiplytheir investment by 5. (If you invest €100 you would get €500, if you invest €5,000,you would get €25,000).

If Muroexe were worth 100 million euros, approximately each investor wouldmultiply his investment by 10. (If you invest €100 you would get €1,000, if you invest€5,000, you would get €50,000).

Return via dividends works exactly the same way as investing in the Stock Market. Ifannual dividends are distributed for the benefits, each partner obtains theproportional part of his participation in the capital of the company. In case of benefitthis is decided in the first six months of each year, and the investor receives adividend in his bank account. 

What happens once I invest? 

Will I be able to sell my shares regardless of whetherthere is a future sale of Muroexe?

You can sell your shares if Muroexe is bought by another company or if we decide torepurchase the investors' shares, but there is also the possibility of selling them to anotherprivate investor who wants to acquire them. If you find a buyer, you should provideCrowdcube with all the information about the sale and about the buyer. Then, a transmissionwould be made under the nominee (figure of legal representation of the investors) of theeconomic rights of those participations. This process is still in an initial phase althoughCrowdcube is expected to release it to the market soon. 

How will being a Muroexe partner through Crowdcubework logistically? 

All customers and friends who want to join this investment will have a single legalrepresentative: the Crowdcube nominee. The nominee will be responsible fordistributing any return or dividend among investors and will exercise the right to votefor the investors in the way that the majority of them decide. You can gain a greaterunderstanding of how this legal representative works in this document.

Will I have any rights, or will I be able to voice myopinions? 

Of course, in exactly the same way as the rest of the company's investors. The economicand political rights fall on the investor, although the latter are exercised by the Crowdcubenominee. In practice, this means that the moment we inform Crowdcube of any matter thatrequires the consent of the partners, Crowdcube will ask via email all the investors includedin the nominee and act in accordance with what the majority decide. The nominee will alsodistribute any type of economic return among all the partners. In addition, we will makespecific communication channels available to our client-partners, where they can ask us yourquestions and/or share your impressions and suggestions. If we are always interested inreceiving feedback from our customers, even more if they are also partners!

Will I be able to attend the company’s Councils or BoardMeetings? 

Only attend designated advisors (between 5 and 7) can attend Councils, and therepresentative appointed by the Crowdcube nominee will attend the meeting to represent theMuroexe client-partners. But we will consider the possibility of periodically creating specificmeetings for all the clients that are also partners as a meeting and follow-up point of thecompany.

Will I have any extra charges beyond my investment? 

No, you will only pay what you decide to invest and the cost of the bank transfer,without any additional commission from Crowdcube. Also, in the event that dividendsare generated or there is a future sale, you won’t pay any commission.

Should I have this investment in mind when doing myIncome Tax return or in negotiations with the Treasury? 

In your transactions with the Treasury, you must take into account this investment only if inthe future you obtain a return for it, the result of a dividend distribution or a surplus value forsale, as with any investment. In any other circumstance, you will not have to do anything orpresent anything. See all the details in this tax guide.

Is there any tax exemption if I make this investment? 

Unfortunately not. Investments made through platforms such as Crowdcube could have taxexemptions as long as the company has been established for less than three years.Muroexe was established in January 2012 so we have already exceeded that limit.

Is there a Partners Pact in the company? 

Yes, there is a previous Partners Agreement that regulates and protects all the rightsof the minority shareholders of the company. The client-partners that enter throughCrowdcube will subscribe to said Pact of Partners. In our Crowdcube profile you cansee more information on what this consists of.

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