Here in MUROEXE we strive for the perfect balance between functionality and aesthetics.




Our design design process is inclusive & open minded, working with professionals from diverse areas, and above all, including our customers in the design process.
We are extremely serious about our products, employing months in conceptualizing, sketching, prototyping & going over every detail.
If you would like to know more about our design process you can email us at:





In MUROEXE we collaborate with a wide range of providers, dozens of individuals & a lot of machines. Each shoe is built by 30 different pieces, which are handled and put together with a lot of care. In order to get a result that is close to perfection.



Best suppliers

We look for the best factories & suppliers in terms of quality & R&D

Responsible Production

We take extreme care in having everybody that works for us both directly and indirectly happy with their work.


None of our products contain animal materials.




We currently have 2 production centers, we chose our factories very carefully, after months of searching. They are both family run businesses, that at the same time give jobs to other families. If you want to visit them just tell us, we will proudly arrange a visit.


Calzados Fuensalida, Toledo, Spain

Family run factory with 35 employees. They are the ones who started building the sneaker with us. There we handle 65% of our production, and they also collaborate in the prototyping phases, samples, and the fine tuning of our new releases.


Zumeng Factory, Xiamen, China

Another family run factory, and the biggest sneaker production facility in the world. with a 3000 square meter floor plan and 65 employees. In Zumeng they help us with the more complex technical aspects of our production, R+D and our peaks of production. There they produce 35% of our sneaker output.