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We believe in the premise "a few but good".
That's how we design products. 

We dress the a professional youth generation that need functional products for they everyday life at the city. 

We merge sport footwear technologies with the formal aesthetic of shoes to build icons. 


A balance between sport and the smart formal performance

Sport vs Formal or...
Formal vs Sport 

Our design lines:


We analize the product's usage and we build it with the best services for its real needs.



We search for a contemporary and minimal aesthetic in all our models

Our design process 

We take between 9 and 12 months conceptualizing, designing, prototyping and testing our new products. We have industrial, fashion and visual designers in every design process. In our design process we also back our decisions with the opinion of thousands of clients that answer our questionnaires periodically. 

Our production

We manufacture our products in Spain and China. In Spain, we develop new products, we have a non-stop production and we create the limited editions. In China, we do all the Research and Development, we test the latest fabrics on the market and we also manufacture a large portion of our production. In both places, we know and visit the fabric frequently. We work hand in hand with them and we do care about the people working there so they got proper working conditions. 

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The best way to predict the future
is to invent it

- Alan Kay