We love our users. We really do.


Every single step we take is thought from the perspective of the dairy user of our designs.

We love designing with you. It is at our core. Ever-evolving and improving are our philosophy. We love listening and learning with your participation. We really feel your support and help in order to fix and improve every single detail. And yes, details are important.

It is quite heartwarming to find a brand that listens to their users and then to see your findings improved at the final designs. 

 Please, feel free to join our design program here, just writing down your email address.

Our design process 

We take between 9 and 12 months conceptualizing, designing, prototyping and testing our new products. We have industrial, fashion and visual designers in every design process. In our design process we also back our decisions with the opinion of thousands of clients that answer our questionnaires periodically.


Thank you for your time, dear human being!


Elige bien tu talla
En Muroexe tallamos como todas las marcas del mercado, aunque los modelos de Materia son un poco más anchos y los modelos de Atom un poco más estrechos. Algunas recomendaciones para elegir bien tu talla:
¿Vas a comprar un modelo de Army, Hybrid o Slipper Home?