The perfect balance between technical sports performance and elegant, minimalist design.

 That’s ATOM in a nutshell, our most emblematic silhouette.



One steam · Bicolor sole · Flexible fabrics


What is ATOM about?

Atom is the first product we launched at Muroexe. It was the result of a multidisciplinary work team consisting of industrial, conceptual and fashion designers and biomechanical experts. During 11 months we worked on a design for a minimalist and elegant shoe that would meet the needs of everyone who wanted to go to work in sneakers, but needed a more formal and elegant touch.


 Technical features

 - One piece exterior structure with a single seam on the shoe last for a perfect foot fit.

 - High quality memory foam insole

 - Light and flexible polyurethane sole, in two colours

 - Foam interior for greater foot comfort.

 - Polyester laces to ensure perfect fit with the minimum signs of wear.

 - Passable and vegan synthetic materials on the outside.