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Minimalism, contemporary design, high performance, and affordable. 

That’s ARMY in a nutshell, our sportiest model.

Flexible-sock Technology · One steam / Two Pieces · Ultra Comfy


This is our ARMY

Army is the result of 10 months of fusing our design philosophy with our users’ requestsfor a sportier product. Army is designed for intensive daily use in the city. It’s the perfect shoe for 30-somethings who want high performance and a sportier look for their day to day.




- Sock-like structure, with an anatomical last to adjust perfectly to your foot.

- A single seam, two pieces: we add a piece on the outside to adjust the insteps with the laces. It also allows you to hide the laces if you prefer wearing them like that.

- Elastic laces make it easier to slip them on.

- Exterior and interior fabric made of knit neoprene-like elastic, completely flexible, toadjust to your foot perfectly.

- High quality foam insoles.

- Foam interior provides more comfort for your foot.

- Expanded EVA sole, soft and flexible, to ensure the most comfortable step possible,especially if you wear them for long stretches of time, do intensive walking, or spend a lot oftime on your feet. The number one technology in running shoe soles.

- Rubber support to improve sole resistance and grip, especially in the rain.