About Us.

We dress a generation of urban professionals, creatives and innovators that need functional yet modern products for their everyday lives.


We were born on September 1st 2013The first day we sold 11 pairs. The second day 3 and the third, 0. We went for a walk to think about what were we donig. After that, unexpectedly, in two months, we were sold out. Today we are team of more than 40 people in our HQ and retail stores. Additionally, we also collaborate with agencies, distributors, photographers and ambassadors from all over the world.

Our Values.

Balanced between functionality, aesthetics and minimalism with a less is more approach to design. 

User-centric in all design processes, experimentation, innovation, and future outlook. We manufacture in places with happy people in good working conditions. 

We like.

Muroexe is simplicity, it's the future, creativity, well thought out products, weird, extraterrestrial, artificial intelligent, Netflix, an HBO series, industrial, post-humanism, different, the possibility to populate Mars, science and always foward looking. 

There are people who love what we do. And people who don't understand anything.

Some Brand numbers so far > 

We have sold more than 250K pairs. We have customers in more than 51 countries. We sell in more tan 320 shops all around the globe.

Our HQ is in Madrid, but we also have offices with contributors in Lisbon, Berlin, Barcelona, London, Warsaw, Stockholm, Amsterdam, Toronto, New York and Tokyo.


Our mantra. Our guide. Where we are going.

Elige bien tu talla
En Muroexe tallamos como todas las marcas del mercado, aunque los modelos de Materia son un poco más anchos y los modelos de Atom un poco más estrechos. Algunas recomendaciones para elegir bien tu talla:
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