Five water-resistant boots

Let's face reality, you need some boots for this winter and your head is thinkin around between some options. Do not worry, we have made a top selection of the best boots for you to have clearer when deciding. 

Materia Boot >

Yes, we know that. You just made a match with one of the top sellers this season. Totally water resistant and more comfortable than a cloud. 

Atom Boot > 

The redesign of the classic military boot. With a microfiber surface and Memory Foam template. The best ally for the cold. 

Materia Stone >

Your biggest ally against the rain. A 100% water-resistant model, non-slip rubber parts and its strong point: an internal neoprene sock so that not a drop passes. 

Atom Mist > 

We redesigned our classic Atom to create a totally waterproof boot. Designed for cold and rain. All in the same model. 

Army Boot >

A Chelsea boot come from the future. New design of an iconic model that has set trends for decades. You will attract all eyes. 

Elige bien tu talla
En Muroexe tallamos como todas las marcas del mercado, aunque los modelos de Materia son un poco más anchos y los modelos de Atom un poco más estrechos. Algunas recomendaciones para elegir bien tu talla:
¿Vas a comprar un modelo de Army, Hybrid o Slipper Home?