Total Transparency > ask whatever you want: this week we answer it all

Hello humans,

We are pleased that you have reached this page. If you're here, it's because you have something to ask or suggest. At Muroexe we believe that brands should be transparent and honest. So, if there's something we haven't told you so far, it's time for us to spill.

We always respond to everything you send us, but this week, on the occasion of our 6th Anniversary, we invite you to ask us absolutely everything that comes into your head, from the most normal to the most Martian. We will be receiving all your questions, our CEOs will personally answer all of them one by one, and next week we will publish all of them answered on our website.

Come on, "we dare you", what would we say if we wrote it in reggaeton?


Elige bien tu talla
En Muroexe tallamos como todas las marcas del mercado, aunque los modelos de Materia son un poco más anchos y los modelos de Atom un poco más estrechos. Algunas recomendaciones para elegir bien tu talla:
¿Vas a comprar un modelo de Army, Hybrid o Slipper Home?