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New silhouette's mood board

New silhouette's mood board

The third silhouette is on its way here. In a very short time -less time remains for it to be revealed, drumroll, drumroll- you'll be able to discover our last great creation. For now, we can advance you that its gestation process has been very, very exciting. This time we’ve taken inspiration from science fiction series and movies which we would watch over and over again (we have already watched them quite many times so far). Let us give you a few examples to see if you can guess them without looking at the name:


World War Z


I, robot


The Walking Dead


Mad Max


Game of Thrones


They have been months of design, development, testing and, finally, manufacturing in order to dress young professionals with a more casual style. Non-conformist? Creative? Bold? You’ll like what’s going to come next!

“But when? Don´t leave us like this", you’ll think. May 2017. Okay, we’re going to tell you its name in gratitude for your hundreds of messages asking about it: Army. Are you joining us?



Stranger Things

April'17 #dothefuture

April'17 #dothefuture

Here are the top things we've seen, heard, read, tried or clicked on during the past month.

An advance > We want to hypnotize you with this video to increase the visits to our website. More seriously, click and discover how the galaxy will be in 5 million years. And then you can check out our website :-)


A movie > Little time is left until the release of Alien: Covenant, the sequel to Prometheus. This article will make the wait time minimal. Warning: maybe it has the opposite effect. 


A design > There are many bikes but none like this one, designed by Playful Design Studio. As you know, we like the combination of simplicity, funcionality and aesthetics.


An evolution > A dream come true. It’s now possible to have your own virtual clone thanks to the electrodes contained in this glasses. We’re already planning how to clone our shoes to dress twice as many humanoids in record time ;-) 


An update > Good news for thumbs: soon we’ll be able to type with our brain. Thank you, Mark Zuckerberg, for making telepathy stop being a science fiction issue and for making our ads have good reach levels on your platform.



See you with more inspiration next month. 
We say bye with the emoji whatsapp that says bye. 
The inspiration-busters of Muroexe

Materia turns one year old!

Materia turns one year old!

It's been 365 days since Materia joined Muroexe’s universe. It arrived ready to dress hundreds of young professionals in their day-to-day life in the city. And it has achieved this and more: we have already sold more than 10,000 pairs all over the world.

Materia is the fruit of our insatiable curiosity for innovation, simplicity and functionality. We wanted, like with Atom (our first silhouette), to create a functional product that combined the comfort of sneakers with the elegance of shoes. Although there is a difference: on this occasion we wanted a more formal silhouette whilst at the same time keeping the comfort that characterizes us. And this is how we came up with Materia, the perfect shoe for meetings and for unpredictable working days.

We wanted to go a step further with the design and we decided to create it with very clean lines. Materia is our most solid and robust silhouette and has a ‘slip on’ elastic lycra system to adjust the foot and to emphasize its sporty style.

It comes in several colours: Black, Blue, Brown and Grey. Furthermore, we have recently launched Vector, the summer version of Materia with fresher colours and white extra-light EVA sole.

If you don’t have them yet, take advantage now and get ones with a 20% discount from now until this Sunday, April 23. And if you already have ones (thanks!), this is the best time to have new ones.

A new silhouette is coming!

A new silhouette is coming!

Three years ago we launched the first Muroexe silhouette. Atom was born after months of work of a team of biomechanics, engineers, materials technicians and designers with the sole purpose of finding the perfect formula to create a functional product that combines the comfort of sneakers with the elegance of shoes.

Two years later and after a great international success, Materia arrived. It was a silhouette with more volume and more compact but with the same values as the previous ones: minimalist, unisex and functional. Two silhouettes designed to dress a profesional youth generation in their everyday life in the city... Until now.

Soon we will present you the third silhouette. Atom, Materia and... How this new silhuette will be called? Will it be similar to Atom? Will it look more like Materia? Will it be unlike any other? Bets are allowed!