July'17 #dothefuture


This month, instead of sharing with you what we liked most about what we’ve seen, heard, read or clicked on, we’ll show you some buildings that should appear in the list of best tourist destinations.






The abstract pattern on the facade of the Library of the University of Cottbus (Germany) is composed of characters from different alphabets that can only be distinguished from a certain distance. Virtual applause for the idea.


If you look for us in a few years, we recommend starting with the Nursing Home Aires Mateus (Portugal). We already imagine ourselves playing domino surrounded by its white and minimalist walls.
It could be the mothership of some recently landed aliens, but it’s the world’s first private Spaceport (United States). Definitely, is well worth a visit.


The Porta Fira Tower (Spain) on the left is a hotel designed with an organic shape that changes as you go around it. We could be hours and hours spinning around to see what figures we discover. Who wants to go to the beach now?


We’re fascinated by the triangular shape of the Leyweg Municipal Office (Netherlands). It may be because it reminds us of our Atom’s eyelets, a sign that the architect and us have good taste ;-)
See you with more inspiration next month. 
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The inspiration-busters of Muroexe.


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