May'17 #dothefuture

Here are the top things we've seen, heard, read, tried or clicked on during the past month.

A development > We really feel like interacting with holograms on our phones, similar to what they do in Avatar. What seemed impossible is now almost reality.


A restaurant > If you want to know how restaurants in 2050 will look like, we recommend you to take a good look at Sublimotion. They have anticipated and choose to combine food with design, technology and virtual reality. It should be mandatory to wear our shoes for such an experience ;-)


A design > After clicking here, you’ll want to forget aeroplanes and always travel always by mothership. It’s the closest thing to traveling by the Millennium Falcon that we've seen so far. We need to try it!


A robot > Androids take to the streets of Dubai. It might seem a film’s plot but it’s not fiction: androids are part of the police squad in this city and you can inform them of, for example, an UFO approaching you.


A festival > We’re counting the days for Sónar to arrive. Those who listen to electronic music will understand the wish we have to see Justice, Nicolas Jaar and Soulwax. It only remains for us to decide which Muroexe we’ll take with us and we’re ready to enjoy without foot pain!




See you with more inspiration next month. 
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