March '17 #dothefuture

Here are the top things we've seen, heard, read, tried or clicked on during the past month.

A journey > It was only a matter of time that drones could overflight through the space. That day has come and thanks to NASA’s developments, drones will be exploring Mars soon. We wish we were drones.

An evolution > If you think Adobe means PDF and you consider Sensei as a martial arts master, this article is for you. Future technology is already upon us. Yaay :-)

An account > We are all spending more time looking at Instagram than with our parter, mother or dog. Thanks to this, we’ve discovered this stunning, minimal and uncommon profile: @ruminantreserve. The sofa is waiting you...

A film > Fresh news about the sequel to ‘Blade runner’. One of these is Jared Leto and Robin Wright joining the movie. For the next one, we’re going to give them our shoes. We’ll notify you if they agree ;-)

A discovery >
 We’re on the verge of being able to use artificial blood for surgery thanks to the red blood cells generated by inmortal mother cells. Unlimited blood… Sheila Hammond (Santa Clarita Diet) can´t wait any longer.

See you with more inspiration next month. 
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En Muroexe tallamos como todas las marcas del mercado, aunque los modelos de Materia son un poco más anchos y los modelos de Atom un poco más estrechos. Algunas recomendaciones para elegir bien tu talla:
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