August'17 #dothefuture

Here are the top things we've seen, heard, read or clicked on during 
the past month.

An exhibition > Who wants to live in a penthouse with terrace and private pool when you can live in a futuristic micro-house from the 60's? We know that you’re already planning the move (it’s small, it will be easy), but for now they only serve to house plastic furniture in an exhibition.


An event > We really like how humanoids in United States looked at the sky to contemplate the solar eclipse and enjoy the fascinating universe. We recommend to click on this article to discover more about the phenomenon.



An innovation > Ito En, the largest producer of green tea drinks in Japan, is a great example of how companies can make positive changes in the world. Thanks to its social and ecological awareness, it revitalizes inactive cultivated lands giving a new opportunity to the unemployed workers of those farms and transforms tons of used tea leaves into millions of cardboard boxes for their products.



A development > This patch isn't like the ones that your mother sew on your trousers with your favorite superhero. It’s an element that makes easier the surgery related to the organs and much less intrusive, so it achieves a faster recovery.



A construction > Now you see it, now you do not see it. Although it seems like a magic trick, in fact we are talking about a floating bridge that is being built in Ordos (China) and can be re-located according to the needs of the moment. This is not its only special quality, since it consists of several moving parts that can be extended or contracted to be used in different situations.



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