5th Anniversary > this is the donation we made with the money from your orders

It has been a few weeks after our fifth anniversary. Really special days full of great actions. In those days we promised you that we would donate 10% of the benefits of that week to a foundation that thrills us with every gesture. And today we finally can present, happy and proudly, the results of this action.
First things first: thank you, everyone, seriously. 
The main characters of this experience are everyone of all those who made their request during our 5th Anniversary. Thanks to you, we have been able to take better care of some animals that really needed it. We hope this will rejoice you as much as it did to us :-) 
Why do we donate to animal causes?
We already know that there are many causes that need help, but we have opted for the animal world because, as you know, we are animal lovers because the vegan philosophy we keep since we were born. The use of materials that do not include animal components is at the core of our project. We believe that the animal cause must be protected, respected, and that there is a long way to go and many practices to overcome. That is why we wanted to contribute with our grain of sand to an animal organization that would guarantee us a concrete and specific use of the funds contributed.
Who have we donated?
Thanks to the cooperation of Ochotumbao, we had the option of offering funds to different platforms. Finally, we decided to help the Association and Albergue CYD Santa María. Located in Malaga and due to heavy rains in the area, the animals they save were especially unprotected and in need of resources these days, and it seemed right to allocate this time the funds generated to the association.
They are dedicated to ensuring the happiness and health of animals that we do not usually find in our day to day: horses. Their rescue, assistance, save or care for abandoned, abused, injured or malnourished horses.
What have we been able to do with your donation?
In Muroexe we think it is important that the resources provided have a clear and tangible destiny so we can share them afterwards with all those who have made this possible. After making the donation, this is what they have been able to cover:
* buy food for fifty horses
* perform a series of medical interventions: X-rays for horses with lameness, sedation for sick horses, first aid for a horse in critical condition
* buy twelve dewormers to be able to deworm the horses that live on a quarterly basis
We invite you to follow them in their networks, to learn a little more about their routine and reality and to discover the precious friendly horses that live there.
And if you want to follow them, here their IG so you can meet the main characters of this story.
Will we do it again?
Of course! We are already getting ready for new actions. Meanwhile, we will continue here trying to make the future more animal-friendly than ever.
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