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Chroma or how to add colour to your shoes with Pantone

Chroma or how to add colour to your shoes with Pantone

Our new spring/summer collection’s origin isn´t a secret (not any more). In this collection for our every summer best-seller, we wanted to capture a range of fresh, joyful and summery colours.


To do this, we’ve been many hours looking for chromatic inspiration in Pantone’s Instagram account. By the way, it’s highly recomendable. ;)

Clarification for confused humanoids: Pantone is a standardized colour system used in printing.

Image: IG Pantone


So here’s our new particular (and colourful) proposal for this spring/summer Atom silhouette.

Navy Blue

Colours: electrified navy blue combined with beige.

We can’t think of a better holiday destination other than surfing the space with Navy Blue on the feet. Or the feet on Navy Blue.


Coral Grey

Colours: coral combined with grey.

Will there be coral reefs in other planets? While they discover some, we’ll daydream with Coral Grey and a nuclear white total look.


Grey Lime

Colorus: grey combined with lime.

Grey Lime is the new season’s basic. That breeze of fresh air that brings you to life in summer or the shore where you dip your sand burned feet.





Colours: champagne combined with light orange.

There’s much to celebrate: good weather, holidays, long days… Let’s get Champagne!



Blue Blue

Colours: two blue tones.

We need the sea, like Neruda (spanish poet). He needs it because the sea teaches him and we need it beacause the ocean inspires us. That’s how Blue Blue arrived. Ready to feel the beach in the city?


If you don’t know wich one to pick, ask the seagull. It will advice you well.

If you take one home (or two or three…), upload your image tagging us and/or #muroexe, #dothefuture and we’ll share it in our social networks!

Chroma & Vector - New Spring/Summer Collections

Chroma & Vector - New Spring/Summer Collections

Colour (on the inside and on the outside) has reached our newspring/summer collection! We didn´t know where to place it so we did both versions. :D
Chroma: colourful on the outside. Our every summer best-seller, Atom silhoutte, in a summer format with a 3D entirely breathable fabric and with a lighter lining. If you stare at them for at least 10 minutes you may turn into a pufferfish.
Vector: colourful on the inside. The summery and refreshed version of our Materia silhouette: fresher colours with white EVA sole in order to emphasize its sporty style.

Hi, good weather!

February '17 #dothefuture

February '17 #dothefuture

Here are the top things we've seen, heard, read, tried or clicked on during the past month.

Some offices > Muroexe's team is growing and next month we are moving into a new office much bigger and as it's normal, we can't stop searching for inspiration of interior decoration. We´ll show you some pics once we're established! Thank to all of you for making us bigger!  

Some planets > Yeah, it has been the top news of February. NASA has confirmed the existence of 7 exoplanets similar to Earth and also announced that 3 of them could have evolved life. Yaaaaaay!!

An exhibition > Well, probably many of you haven't got planed to go to Weil am Rhein, Germany, but the Vitra Design Museum is exhibiting 'hello Robot'. If any one is planning to go, please bring us a robot to the new office.  Info + pics > here.

An article > it's been interesting coming across this article that talks about the chance of cinema combined with virtual reality. It claims how harder would the integration be but anyway, that is exactly what #dothefuture means. 

Some videos >
 the Union Visual Artist studio from London, masters of visual art, have released a serie of videos that summarises their work. We are big fans of them and one day for sure, we'll produce a campaign with them! Link to videos here.

See you with more inspiration next month. 
We say bye with the emoji whatsapp that says bye. 
The inspiration-busters of Muroexe

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