Summary of the 6 years with data and anecdotes.

Dear human beings,

We are happy to be able to share our sixth anniversary with you and, above all, to have come this far! It's not easy for newly created startups to get over the first few years: in fact, most of them disappear between 2-3 years, carried away by the waves of setbacks.

Not only have we managed to surf the first few years, but we have managed to get here with a community of loyal customers, fans of the brand and many friends. Together, we are proving that yes, there is room for the new, that we can face the greats with product innovation and our brand vision.

We have to admit that at the beginning we had a hard time convincing you to buy from us: we were "new" and, as always, from anything new, there is always a little caution. We understand that. The important thing is that we then beat down all possible resistance and, today, we can only thank the more than 100,000 customers we have for getting us this far. Thank you for your support. Without you this fantasy that is Muroexe would not exist.


We've seen Muroexe sneakers in every city we've traveled to around the world. We are everywhere!

The important part of our story is not "how we got here", it is what we are going to do next. For next year we have so many things planned that surely, when you look us in the eye in a year's time, we will be a very different brand. But always with the same essence.

  • We are preparing many, many new lines of footwear, especially reinforcing the ranges that have become best sellers (basics, boots, etc).
  • Coming soon in new product, apart from footwear, is VERY BIG. We will see how the family of accessories will grow and how we begin our textile journey, which has us extremely excited. And maybe, just maybe, some more surprises...
  • We are also facing a physical store expansion process. In the coming months we will be front row of some of your cities. 
  • International plans are burning our hands. We are on top in our main markets after Spain (US, France, Germany, Holland, Portugal). Next year we expect great results in these countries.

We only have one thing left to finish this post: to ask you to join us in all these novelties, and to enjoy the brand as much as we enjoy those who make it possible.

Thank you for being with us.

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