How to go from 0 to 3 million in 5 years: the keys to our success

Let no one expect an article-guru with a precise manual about which steps to take to start billing the first million. Sorry, that does not exist. Yet. Each brand is a world and each one will be successful for a series of reasons/alignment of stars that is impossible to repeat in another case.

In our case, we do think that there have been a series of events that explain why we are where we are today: converted (not really humble to say it ourselves) in one of the most promising brands in the European emerging brand panorama.
Let's get to the origins and share here the decisions we made at that time and which we think, can explain why we succeed.

  1. Think about the target, then in the product. Before we started designing the line, we decided to create for a specific profile of people: thirty-forty-year-old man-woman, creative-entrepreneurial profile above all, who needed a sporty but elegant product for work. To have clear who you are designing for makes things easier for you: you know for whom you have to design and who is going to use your products.
  1. Designing without footwear designers. Opting for industrial and fashion designers has allowed us to face the design processes as blank sheets and has allowed us to have products with our own design and a lot of charisma.
  1. Great support at the start. In the early days of the project, many generalist media, specialized media and influencers were interested in the project. Thanks to the echo that was made we got a first wave of interest that helped us and a lot to accelerate that the project began to be known.
  1. An invaluable network of collaborators. In these years many people have left their bit in the project. Undoubtedly the talent and vision of the entire human team that in one way or another made this happen. Also, collaborators or external suppliers, have been involved in the project and contributed making Muroexe what it is today.
  1. Internationalize from the minute 0, putting the focus on Spain and Germany in a first phase. This bet was not easy, but thanks to that first move today they dress us in 50 countries and the international sale represents 30% of the brand (and rising!).
  1. Betting on a line of basic products compared to the seasons. Having our best sales hits always in stock, as the standard product that serves as an introduction to the brand to anyone, has allowed us to always have an optimized product in the colours/fabrics of preference for the new customer to dare to buy.
  1. Betting on omnichannel. Although the online was and is our core, we decided to also bet on multibrand stores and, today, our own. Our philosophy is to make it easy for the customer when buying, to be where the customers are. Let them choose where they want to buy our products: we will simply be there waiting for them.
  1. Digital Marketing. Being born online almost forced us to make an extra effort with digital communication and marketing tools. The combination of e-commerce, which allows you to sell from zero to all parts of the world without intermediaries, combined with the catalogue of digital options to publicize a brand have played a key role for brand awareness and sales generated in these years.
  1. Make fans, not clients. For us, the client has not only been an essential part but also a truly strategic one. We trust that well-done things generate loyal customers and increase the word-of-mouth recommendations to the most. We are aware that we dress whole families, groups of friends, the staff of companies. We have put a special care in the post-sale strategies, in the questionnaires that we sent to our clients asking for their opinion... we have written postcards by hand and we have written one-on-one emails to ask them how the experience with the brand is.
  1. Build a brand with its own personality... and very strong. We have chosen to be transparent with our data and to incorporate our clients into the design processes. We have opted for ultra competitive prices for such a high quality, assuming less margin for us, with the aim of being accessible in price for people. Our war cry is #dothefuture. How much are the brand attributes we have built? We can not measure it, but we are clear that thanks to it we are a brand that people like to belong to.

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