A book 

Did you know that the owner of Paypal is developing a utopia on artificial islands without national jurisdiction? Or that there is an island in the United Kingdom whose access is prohibited due to nuclear radiation? In "Off the map", Alastair Bonnet takes us on a tour of the most curious and fascinating islands in the world. A must in your library.


A series 

Finally, the 4th season of one of our favorite series is here: Westworld. This season they promise us to delve deeper into transhumanism with traces of philosophy and criticism of today's consumerist society. Now available on HBO Max.

An umbrella. 
Browsing through Instagram we have found Volkan Ugurel, a young product design student who has developed a very peculiar umbrella. It is a revolutionary idea, since it collects the water that falls and puts it in a bottle. This boy is amazing.


An artist 
Today we bring you our favorite artist, as simple as that. This is Alberto Mielgo, the Spanish winner of the Oscar for best animated short and author of the best episode of the last season of Love Death and Robots: Jibaro. Check out his insta NOW.


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