#DOTHEFUTURE February 2022

Hello human,

A new #DOTHEFUTURE is here. We're back once again to tell you about the most talked topics in our coffee breaks. Get ready because we're taking off


A theme park

Everyone loves Studio Ghibli movies, so we can safely say you'll love the upcoming theme park opening this fall inspired by the worlds of Miyazaki and company.



A tv series

Netflix premieres today Friday the 18th “The Cuphead Show”, an animated series based on the video game that  is based on the animated series of the 30s. It may seem like a mess, but if the series is half as good as its video game, it would be a masterpiece. Check the trailer here.



An expo
Until May 8th, the Círculo de Bellas Artes in Madrid hosts an exhibition about Kubrick where we can see original articles from his films. At Muroexe we hate spoilers, but we're going to drop one for you: it's a real blast. You can buy your tickets here. 


A curiosity
Saying the words Nintendo and VR glasses today is synonymous of absolute success, but it wasn't always like that. Few people know that the Japanese company released virtual reality glasses, a failure in red and black that shook the industry. You can learn more here 


An artist
This month's artist is Diberkato, an illustrator whose work is based on a vision of the woman of the future with cyberpunk, pop and retrowave touches. You can take a look at his insta here. 



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