Discover our top 5 hits and top 5 misses of the project

As it is our fifth anniversary we have decided to tear our clothes and tell you about our five most memorable successes and failures of these first five years. Not only successes live brands. Also learning from obstacles is enriching, if they are not devastating, sure... may help you learn how to do things better. #transparentbrads > we want you to know everything about us!



1. Disruptive design. At the start, we bet on having industrial, fashion and visual designers (none came from the footwear sector). It was a risk that we assumed and thanks to it, we created products with its own character and very different within the market.
  1. Launching our backpack. Intrepid step. It is really hard to position yourself in the footwear sector (more to us as a young brand) furthermore walking "distorting" the brand with other products; was a big challenge. But our users are eager to consume more and new Muroexe products, according to the 5,000 backpacks sold to date. Huge success. 

  1. Our boots, thanks to the collaboration of our users in the design process. Through frequent questionnaires, we knew how much you wanted us to create a Muroexe boot (height, features, materials, colours, etc). We did what you asked for, and apart from running them out their first week, today they are part of our continuity models and you seem to love them.
  1. Mixed production between Spain - China. An issue that raises concern about the idea that in Asia there are manufacturing or working in worst labor conditions. We made several factory visits and talked to a lot of people over there, including workers. When we found that everything was appropriate, we began to balance some production to China. From that moment, we managed to work with pioneering technical materials in the market and of very high quality that provide comfort in our products.
  1. Sales success. First Acid Rain model, Abyssal or Medusa collection, or our Solar sandals. All of them limited editions of 500 units that, ran out in hours. They caused great acquisitive rage: all of them went out of stock 90% of the sizes in less than 24 hours.


  1. A first web kind of lazy. We had a first website mounted on chopsticks. Normally it worked but on two key occasions (we went on TVE and in El Mundo) we had an important peak of visits and the website fell. We lost visits and sales. It was scourging us for a long, long time...
  1. Giant mess on our first Black Friday. Three years ago we landed on Black Friday. We sold more than 1K pairs in 4 days but our logistics operator at that time (whose name we will not pronounce out louder) did not deliver lots of them and many orders were left in a strange limbo - lost. It took us days to locate and deliver everything... If you were one of the victims, we're sorry (again)!
  1. Without stock Christmas after Christmas. The younger we were, the harder it was to estimate the necessary stock and forecast the growth. We grew faster than we were able to see and arrived in December almost without stock, year after year. We learned of it and now we try to get better cutlery...
  1. First sandal. It was an adaptation of Atom and we had some doubts so we decided to pose to customers through a questionnaire. We noticed that people had stayed a little... "meh" so we rejected the design and started from scratch: things, either done well or not done.
  1. Breakage of stock. Something happened to us in the second collection that we launched, "Industrial". The people threw themselves into slaughter. The delivery was delayed from the factory and we found hundreds of pairs sold without serving and that we served a couple of weeks later with a handwritten postcard apologizing. Sure someone still remembers...

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