• Monthly futuristic music session > June 2017

    Just over two weeks ago we launched Army, our new silhouette, and we want to share with you the good music that we listened to during its creative process.   This playlist is part of Army’s DNA. [...]

  • Die Welt - Muroexe

    Muroexe – 10 Schritte zum Erfolg In den letzten drei Jahren hat sich Muroexe zu einer der meist gesuchten Schuhmarken entwickelt. Ein Unternehmen zu gründen, gehört in der heutigen Zeit zum tag [...]

  • Army is here

    The future is today. With each design we make clear our vision of the future:  minimalism, innovation, and innovation. But what does the future look like to you? We like to take things a step [...]

  • New silhouette's mood board

    The third silhouette is on its way here. In a very short time -less time remains for it to be revealed, drumroll, drumroll- you'll be able to discover our last great creation. For now, we can [...]

  • We're increasing capital to grow

    Today we bring fresh news concerning the development of the project that we are engaged in: the entry of a venture capital fund into our structure.

  • Materia turns one year old!

    It's been 365 days since Materia joined Muroexe’s universe. It arrived ready to dress hundreds of young professionals in their day-to-day life in the city. And it has achieved this and more: we h [...]

  • A new silhouette is coming!

    Three years ago we launched the first Muroexe silhouette. Atom was born after months of work of a team of biomechanics, engineers, materials technicians and designers with the sole purpose of [...]

  • Vector, the movement collection

    We look forward to enjoying summer and it shows. A few days ago we talked about Chroma’s origin (Pantone has something to do with it…) and today we’ll do likewise for Vector, our other sprin [...]

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