A DOTHEFUTURE greener than Shrek.

Hello human, 
We know that you are a fan of our #DOTHEFUTURE newsletters, that is why we have decided to make an extra edition that complements the previous one. Here we will deal with the most ecofriendly news that we like the most. We hope you like it.

A bike 
You will be amazed when you know that  Harley Davidson's latest design isn't a motorcycle or even a car, it's an electric mountain bike. That's right, the Milwaukee firm has developed a mountain bike with a range of more than 150km.  Remake of “Easy Rider”, here we go.

A magical air conditioner. 
It looks like something out of Hogwarts, but the Dutch company “Sound Energy” has developed an air conditioner that doesn't need to consume electricity to work. Moreover, it does not have any type of electrical component or mechanical parts. Do you want to know how it works? Well, click here: https://www.soundenergy.nl/our-technology/

A documentary. 

Today we bring you "Meltdown", a documentary series that tells what many catalog as the American Chernobyl. Essential to know not only the effects of radioactivity, but also the industry that pulls the strings. You can see it on Netflix.

A sandal made of garbage. 
Indeed, we can safely say that our next sandal is trash. Very soon we will launch Comet Sunrise, a flip-flop made 100% with material from waste. Soon you will be able to see the final design so...stay tuned.

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