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Now you can customize our Tote-Bag. Block evolves and we add a couple of special markers so you can customize it to your style.  Here are some suggestions for you to start customize. We give you the tools, you provide the magic. 

The pack includes the tote-bag together with a pouch and 2 special markers for customisation.


After a long time in development, we can finally bring you Block: the definitive tote-bag. With a minimalist design and full of pockets to make your day to day more bearable. It has a special compartment to store your laptop and another to find your cell, wallet or keys in a second.

Its material is 100% waterproof so don't need to worry, whatever you take with you, it will be safe.

Tips to start customizing: 

1º- Breathe and admire the blank canvas that is your new tote-bag 

2º Shake the pen. 

3º In order to start painting, press the tip of the marker on a plastic material, until the tip soaks up the pigment. 

4th The fun begins: start painting. 

NOTICE: In our tote, the ink is permanent and resistant to water, but BEWARE, not in heavy rains and cannot be put in the washing machine. Block is designed for you to customize, not for you to paint the entire surface, otherwise you run the risk of cracking the drawing. 

No washing machine (accessories)
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